About SmartPay

Pay over time with SmartPay Everyday Leasing

SmartPay is a lease-to-own payment plan that let’s customers shop for devices, accessories and more. Then make fixed, scheduled payments to make it more affordable.

We work with leading wireless carriers and retailers to offer SmartPay lease-to-own in their stores and on their websites. SmartPay is available in 1,000s of locations across the U.S.

Apply in minutes. Instant decision.

Fill out our simple application in just a few minutes and, if approved, get up to $1,500 to shop for devices, accessories and more.

Equal payments. Peace of mind.

At checkout, make your 1st payment then take everything home. Then make scheduled payments from your checking account debit card.

Make payments. Own it all.

Make all your scheduled payments on time, your lease is finished, and you own everything. And you can always pay off your lease early, with no penalties, to save money on fees.

Want to offer SmartPay in your retail location?

There is no technical integration required to offer SmartPay in your retail location, so setup is simple and fast. Consumers easily apply through an online or mobile application, so all you need is an internet connection and a computer for customers to apply. To get started, go to GetSmartPay.com

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