Easy to Learn, Easy to Sell

The SmartPay lease-to-own program will be easy for your sales associates to learn and explain to customers. We will provide you with all the tools and training you need to help your associates sell with SmartPay. The more your team knows about SmartPay, the more confident your customers will be with this lease-to-own option.

Key Takeaways for the Customer

Approval Amount

Customers could be approved for up to $1,500.

SmartPay approvals are valid for 30 days.

Affordable lease-to-own payments.

No credit required.

No application fees.

Terms & Conditions

A SmartPay lease-to-own agreement features up to 24-month terms.

The customer must read all Terms & Conditions. The associate should review the amount due at signing, upcoming monthly lease-to-own payments, and when the payments are due. The customer must then sign the Terms & Conditions to accept the SmartPay lease-to-own terms.


The customer will make their first payment in-store after signing the SmartPay lease-to-own agreement.

All lease-to-own payments will be due on the due date specified in the agreement.

Once all the payments are made, the customer will own their item(s).

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We can even help familiarize your staff with the SmartPay benefits and application process.

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