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Grow Your Customer Base With Lease-to-Own

SmartPay uses a combination of carefully selected industry leasing software and proprietary systems to create a fully automated underwriting process intended to create a single finance solution for your entire spectrum of customers.

Customers who apply for SmartPay can be approved for up to $1,500 and will receive a decision on their application in seconds. Customers select the phone and accessories that they want, make their initial lease-to-own payment and complete their transaction. Once all scheduled lease-to-own payments are made, the customer takes ownership of their lease-to-own leased items.* Customers can buyout of their lease-to-own lease at anytime, or return their items to SmartPay without additional charges or penalties. Plus, customers will owe nothing further except any unpaid lease-to-own lease fees. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of offering your customers SmartPay Lease-to-Own Leasing.

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Lease-to-Own Made Simple

We take care of the leasing so you can focus on selling.

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Increased Sales

Grow your business by helping customers get the phones that they really want.

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Enhanced Reporting

We offer reporting tools to help you run your business smoothly.

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